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Inspiring others with self-compassion and strategy


Stephanie is a motivational speaker, hiring expert, transformational leader, and athlete who energizes audiences of students, professionals, and executives.
Her presentations incorporate solid job search strategy, hiring expertise, and self-compassion. Being an athlete, Stephanie discusses Championship Mindset, resilience, and self-care as key ingredients in a successful job search experience.

Participants feel inspired with a refreshed mindset and innovative strategies to set them up for success. Stephanie customizes her speaking engagements for each group. She also serves as an expert panelist and moderator.​ Stephanie is currently booking virtual and in-person speaking engagements for 2024-2025.


Reviews from fans



“Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for a phenomenal presentation.”


"Stephanie, I just want to thank you for the amazing experience and advice you provided me. I hope that one day I can help other young women like you helped me."


"Your presentation was an invaluable experience. Your positive reinforcement and encouragement were genuine

and truly empowering."


“Stephanie! Thank you very much for coming to speak. I learned so much for my professional development in just one night!”


"Thank you for coming to visit us.

It really helped to raise my confidence as an employee!"


"Thank you very much for taking time to speak with us. It was extremely inspiring and gave me confidence to pursue my dreams."

Person Sitting on Gate


College Senior

"Good evening, Professor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having Stephanie as our guest speaker yesterday.


I had a job interview today and nailed it! I took Stephanie's advice and was able to get my salary raised. It worked out perfectly that you had her talk with us yesterday.


Thank you."


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