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With Steph

Chase your dreams, reach your goals and

make the hiring process easier

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Achieving your vision

I want to see you achieve your personal best.


Athletes enlist coaches to prepare for competition, improve conditioning, build on natural ability, and reach peak performance. Job searching and finding top talent require a similar approach. Working with a career coach can save you valuable time,
turn the tide, increase confidence, and achieve results.


Whether you are a motivated job seeker identifying opportunities or if you are the one hiring, I will be there every step of the way. 


​It's go time.

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Recent Graduates

You are resilient, authentic, creative and driven. Whether you just graduated or it’s a few years out, it is never too soon nor too late to create a work life that fits your true self. While the pandemic continues to influence the job market, there are strategies that can increase your chances for success in getting hired.


A championship mindset is the foundation for leading an effective job search tailored to your dreams and practical needs, in any economy. You cannot sail without wind. If adversity makes us stronger, then I want you to soar.


How will you share your talents with the world?

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Experienced Professionals

With 10-20 years or more in the working world, you have the advantage of experience. This insight brings clarity of who you are and where you want to go. New goals, fresh ideas, different interests and heightened values make you stronger. While life responsibilities intertwine with our work vision, one thing is certain: your dreams matter.

If the pandemic has helped you to reinforce what matters most or affected your career trajectory, you are not alone. Many high-achieving professionals are using this time to reset, discover new ways to work, and retool their definition of success.


Now is the perfect time to revitalize and recalibrate a life that is congruent with your heart, soul, and expertise.

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Hiring a talented, diverse and inclusive team is the single most important thing you can do for your business. 


Investing the time and resources into quality hiring and board selection, at the outset, leads to increased productivity, client/customer acquisition & loyalty, financial gain, employee retention, and positive corporate reputation.


By contrast, problematic hiring limits growth, and is associated with revenue loss, customer/client dissatisfaction, low team morale, staff turnover, and increased stress for senior leadership. It doesn't have to be this way. You can break the cycle.

It is always the right time to turn things around. If you're ready to grow and enrich your business, team, or practice - I'd love to help.


You devote a lot of energy to your organization. Let's create a plan to attract the right talent to support your vision. 

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You are here because there is greatness inside you. The working world needs your voice, energy, and ideas more than ever. You matter. How do you define success right now?


There is great power in wanting more peace, fulfillment, and prosperity in your life. Now, envision the right strategy and support: you are unstoppable.


I offer an initial complimentary discovery call. Then, choose among flexible consulting packages to set you up for success. Consulting options can also be gifted to the job seekers you love.

For organizations, consulting arrangements are customized to the project, including retainer options, depending on your goals and scope of work.


I look forward to connecting.

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