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Make the hiring process easier,

and inspire corporate wellness



As an athlete, Stephanie knows there is nothing more important than a great team.  She consults organizations that want to make the hiring process easier, more effective, and more inclusive. Each consulting project is fully customized to your goals. 


The hiring process is a representation of your organization, its values, and its work culture. Stephanie takes a holistic view and combines her expertise in leadership, corporate brand management, marketing, business strategy, and building teams to create and refine a hiring process that leads to success.

Corporate wellness has become an essential part of building a thriving work culture and high-performing results. Stephanie also advises on creating a portfolio of corporate wellness offerings that will set your organization apart from the competition and attract & retain the best talent. She also consults team leaders on improving performance, creativity, and productivity through work-life balance. 


How we can work together

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Identify your hiring needs, goals, and values to develop a strategy, timeline, and compelling job description that attract top talent with a diverse candidate pool.


Take it to the next level with engaging, empowering, and inclusive interview strategies to maximize time, effectiveness, and corporate reputation to hire the right people.


Design a dynamic, authentic, and informative onboarding experience to engage, train, and retain new members of your organization.


Become an employer of choice with a dynamic portfolio of wellness offerings that attract and retain top talent. 


Let Stephanie guide your team with work-life balance with remote or hybrid work solutions and one that incorporates high work performance, creativity, and high engagement.


Develop or redefine work culture, corporate reputation, and morale with leadership strategies and a new culture employees enjoy with empathy, respect, diversity & inclusion, and fun.


Results and value

Meeting at office

Stephanie PT, DPT, MPH, Owner

and Joseph PT, DPT, Owner

“My husband and I are both physical therapists who decided

to open our own practice nine years ago. Although we are

both trained in patient care from top institutions, we had no clue about how to run a business. There are many challenges to being small business owners, one of the biggest being the hiring process. Let’s be honest; if you do the hiring part right, the management part becomes a whole lot easier. The main problem with our staffing issues was caused by our previous hiring mistakes.


I really wish it hadn’t taken us nine years to discover Stephanie’s services.


Stephanie has the gift of being able to think outside the box and consider things from different perspectives. Anytime I brought an issue to her attention, she immediately did research and presented multiple options, sending me related links and resources along with her own thoughts and recommendations.  Additionally, her ability to relate to both applicants and employers makes her a huge asset to any team, organization, or small business. Stephanie analyzed wording and structured the selection process timeline from these different points of view, ensuring that we made quality candidates feel valued and engaged, while increasing the likelihood that they would accept the position when offered.


Stephanie customizes all of her services, from editing our job posting and creating relevant interview questions to developing a hiring strategy that was focused on our company culture and the top traits we were looking for in an ideal candidate. She provided clear and tangible advice, down to exact wording when following up with our top applicants and what areas to focus on with our final hire when onboarding.


Because of Stephanie, we felt more confident that we were attracting quality applicants and we were able to make smarter decisions about which candidates should continue through the process. She listened with an empathetic ear when we hit bumps along the way, and she was able to quickly adapt to unexpected changes while remaining consistent with our goal and timeline. Stephanie was our voice of reason when we strayed from our original plan and kept us focused on making the right hire.


Ultimately, making the right hiring decisions simplifies almost everything else about running a small business. For that reason alone, the services that Stephanie provides are truly priceless.”

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