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A hiring expert and work influencer who believes in a

holistic approach to creating a life you love

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Stephanie Paislee is an established leader who has worked at five global brands, including Disney and Mattel. She is a hiring expert and the founder of WORK DOT DOT, offering coaching for motivated individuals to redefine work and create a life they love.

Stephanie has a vision that the world would be a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place if everyone was able to enjoy meaningful work. She is known for her holistic approach to job searching, hiring, and professional advancement. Being an athlete, she infuses Championship Mindset, resilience, and self-care to achieve goals. She works with recent grads, experienced professionals, and executives on all aspects of career development with clients across the U.S. Stephanie also offers consulting for organizations and startups to create more effective and inclusive hiring and advises on corporate wellness.

Stephanie’s personal experience in both the private and public sectors provides unparalleled insight into the hiring process. Clients often experience a faster timeline to securing a new job or internal promotion, and one that is more fulfilling and prosperous.

A hallmark of Stephanie’s personalized approach is empathy combined with core skill-building. She incorporates creativity, resourcefulness, and mindfulness to empower clients to find their North Star and then guides them with practical tools to bring their vision to life. Stephanie is also an artist and writer. Her resume strategy and personal brand storytelling transform clients’ job searches - and their confidence.


Stephanie earned her Master’s Degree at Stanford University and her Bachelor’s Degree with Honors at the University of California, San Diego. Stephanie loves her daily workouts and walks, mindfulness meditation, and recharges by spending time in nature, cooking, listening to music, and connecting with others.

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