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Styling By Steph

Look and feel your best as you redefine work and create a life you love


My philosophy


What we wear influences how we feel, the energy we have to achieve our goals, and in part, the response we receive from others. Style, image, and authenticity can accelerate our career and life goals and make us feel great about ourselves - which is the most important of all.

Stephanie believes our inner beauty and confidence shine through when we feel comfortable and authentic. It's all about leveraging your unique style preferences and needs while incorporating style, self-compassion, and fun.

The clothes we wear are a core part of our self-expression and convey our personal and professional vision.

Stephanie has always been interested in style, fashion, clothing, and beauty - inner and outer.  She has advised on personal styling and produced photoshoots and video productions for many years. Stephanie is a subject matter expert in photo image selection for brand marketing and advertising. She also frequently consults on professional headshots.

What Stephanie loves most is the feedback from clients that they finally feel like the person they are meant to be and the highest version of themselves.


Stephanie offers in-person and virtual styling services and is available to travel onsite to your location or photoshoot.


Find your style to rock the interview

As soon as you start your job search, it's a good time to invest in a quality interview wardrobe that you can have ready for when you start to get callbacks.


When you look good, you feel good.

And when you feel good - stylish, comfortable, confident - you'll perform better in interviews. A 360 approach to interviewing, including what to wear will set you apart from the competition. The energy conveyed when wearing an outfit that you love is priceless. 

Today's interview preparation is about strategy, confidence, and authenticity while showing that you'll be a great fit with the workplace culture.


Stephanie offers style advisory for virtual and in-person interviews, pre-recorded video submissions, and interviews for internal promotions. 

Model in Brown Jacket


You got the job, now get the style advantage

Image by Dami Adebayo

You got the job! A new life, a new you is about to launch.


There's no better feeling than waking up in the morning and knowing that you have options in your closet to look and feel authentic, comfortable, and confident as you start your new role. 

Stephanie will help you discover your personal style, feel at ease in your clothes and your new work environment. She advises on WFH style and onsite attire with a relaxed, compassionate, and fun approach.

Enjoy this first step towards style greatness including:

  • Style discovery or reinvention

  • Inspirational mood boards

  • Personalized shopping experience

  • Styling outfits to look & feel your best from day one

  • Enhancing your look for your new job/industry

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.


Working remotely never looked so good

How can we keep the comfort of yoga pants and sweats while enhancing our work-from-home (WFH) look?

Stephanie will help capture your vision for flexible clothing options while adding style and sophistication to your wardrobe. Leverage your professional goals in a way that merges with real life.

We love our WFH and hybrid schedules; yet, working remotely can sometimes affect our well-being. Loving our outfits and being excited to get dressed positively affect feeling capable, energized, and motivated.

Bonus: Are you a mom balancing parenthood with external work, other interests, and life responsibilities? It's time to invest in your happiness & empowerment, with a style-comfort upgrade that uplifts you.

Great days begin with a great wardrobe.

Image by Korie Cull


Smile with confidence and comfort

Smiling Man with Glasses

Do you love your LinkedIn photo? Let Stephanie help with a style refresh that can make your LinkedIn profile stronger than ever when job searching so your photo represents your inner greatness. This is important at every career level whether you are a recent grad, growing in your career, or if you are seeking an executive position. 

When you're starting a new job and have an opportunity for a professional photoshoot, Stephanie advises on outfit selection, inspiration boards, and onsite photo styling.

Stephanie has worked for many years on photoshoots for professionals and executives and has a marketing and production background that gives her clients an unparalleled edge.

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.


Grow your style with your aspirations

Dress for the job you want - in a way that feels authentic to you.

Are you ready for a positive shift in your career? This is a great place to begin if you are job searching, preparing for interviews, starting a new position, or just want to look & feel better about yourself.

Enjoy this first step towards style greatness including:

  • Style discovery or reinvention

  • Inspirational mood board

  • Career wardrobe strategy

  • Personalized shopping experience

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.

Mature Model


Confidence and style looks good on you


As the pandemic ebbs, more companies are hosting social engagements, offsite meetings, networking opportunities, leadership conferences, and parties.


What to wear?

Let Stephanie guide you to special event outfits that look and feel great, so you can focus on being comfortable,  confident, and 100 percent yourself.

Say yes to work-related social engagements, and collaborate with Stephanie on:

  • Choosing the perfect outfit to match the tone and  your event

  • Style discovery or reinvention

  • Personalized shopping experience

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.


Design a signature look or just feel more YOU

Stephanie can help with general style discovery or reinvention, wardrobe updates, and an overall fashion refresh.

This is a great way to invest in your daily contentment, empowerment, and self-expression. 

Enjoy working with Stephanie to uplevel your wardrobe and become the highest version of yourself:

  • Style discovery, strategy, or reinvention

  • Inspirational Mood Board

  • Personalized shopping experience

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.

Grey Theme Portrait


Feeling comfortable is everything

Woman by the Water

Soft fabrics, the right textures, and clothes that feel good. Stephanie believes being highly sensitive is a gift and that everyone deserves comfort and class. She honors her clients' sensory uniqueness and helps build a work wardrobe that feels as good as it looks.

Stephanie creates a styling experience that makes everything easier including style discovery and personal shopping, wardrobe creation, and putting outfits together to make getting dressed in the morning and special occasions more comfortable - and more YOU. 

Clients appreciate Stephanie's expertise, empathy, and creativity to look and feel amazing.

  • Sensory-style strategy

  • Inspirational Mood Board

  • Personalized shopping experience with strategies for noise sensitivity, fabric preferences, and energy management to minimize shopping fatigue, etc.

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.


New style for the new you

Stephanie takes special pride in collaborating with women and moms who are rejoining the workforce. She also works with veterans transitioning to employment in the private sector.

It's easier to make this shift with Stephanie on your side, to help you rediscover your style and build a wardrobe worthy of your new dreams and goals. Stephanie has worked at five global brands across multiple sectors and can help you feel at ease in any work environment.

Renewed confidence and style are closer than you think:

  • Style discovery, strategy, or reinvention

  • Inspirational Mood Board

  • Personalized shopping experience

In-person and virtual stylist services are available.

Businessman in Plaid Jacket


Style support all year-long

IMG_1253 copyv2 copy.jpg

For continuous teamwork and style advisory, many clients enjoy retaining Stephanie's services on an ongoing basis. This is the perfect choice when you are in the process of personal transformation, or career evolution, and if you have a professional role with numerous style occasions. 

Executives love this option when they have frequent appearances, media opportunities, speaking engagements, and professional social occasions.


Stephanie is a supportive and creative source of expertise, style strategy, and fashionable options to look and feel great all year long.

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