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Awesome job search mantras

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Are you looking for an extra boost to help your job search mindset?

Maybe, it’s time for a mantra.

A mantra is a word or phrase that gives you strength. Mantras are often used in repetition, by saying the words or phrases to yourself out loud or silently. Others find it useful to write their mantra reminder on a piece of paper and post it near a mirror, window or work space.

Mantras are considered an ancient mind-body practice. Some believe mantras to be sacred and even have healing powers, positively influencing energy fields.

What about affirmations? Some feel they are similar to mantras while others believe they are very different. Affirmations are used to develop and affirm helpful beliefs to influence positive action. They’re often encouraging and based in psychology.

As I was crafting this post, I had a worry that I wouldn’t ‘get it right’ in sharing the basics of mantras and affirmations. Then, I realized this was a gift in itself and a good example of the intention of this post. We do not need to be perfect in blog posts, job searches or in life.

Mantra idea:

I keep moving, learning and growing.

For me, a mantra is an empowered boost of energy that keeps a job search in perspective. An affirmation is another great way to build a champion mindset. While it may not instantaneously get you a job, adopting a mantra is a way to harness hope, look at the bigger picture and center yourself on the goal or purpose at hand.

What are you telling yourself these days?

Our thoughts influence our actions, especially when we think the same thing over and over. In this way, repeating a positive mantra can interrupt, and even change, negative thought patterns and help form new pathways in the brain.

A meaningful mantra can produce a relaxing effect while you job search in the same way good background music sounds pleasant. Rather than listening to negative thoughts as if on repeat, streaming through your head, experiment with a mantra this week.

Here are some of my favorite job searching mantras. See which ones resonate and feel free to come up with your own. You can say these words and phrases out loud or silently. Notice how you feel. Take your time.

Good energy.

I can handle this.

Positive things are in motion.


Each step I take is one step closer to landing a great new job.

I can do this.




I have everything within me to find a job.

Change is easy.

Today is a step in the right direction.

Prosperity is coming.

My experience is needed.

Yes. (Creating energy around accepting a new job offer.)

Job happiness is possible for me and for everyone.

A great organization is ready to welcome my talents.

My authentic self is perfectly suited to many jobs.

Good luck is here to stay.


I breathe in hope and exhale all doubt.

I love my background.

Wow! Even creating this list is calming. Seriously, don’t you just feel better reading these? Mantras (and affirmations) can cultivate and support your search with wisdom, empathy and focus.

Even if you still have worries, pausing to repeat or reflect on your mantra gives your mind a chance to briefly rest, restore and recharge. I often notice when I focus on (or repeat) a mantra, my breathing slows down to a more comfortable pace and feels fuller. Since our brains seem to like oxygen, this is also a creative way to reset the nervous system and make it easier to concentrate, improve your mood and enrich your outlook.

The key to a great mantra is that it’s positive, aspirational and believable. It must feel true for you and your unique situation.

As you say/think of your mantra, check in with your mind-body response.

  • Are you able to breathe a little easier?

  • Is your soul a little lighter?

  • Do you feel hopeful?

  • Can you sense of feeling of safety and reassurance?

  • Is tension able to lessen in the body?

All of these are clues that the positive thought/energy behind the word or phrase is helpful to you at this particular point in time. Some clients have told me that colors become more vivid, sounds are richer and natural light seems brighter.

For an advanced mindset challenge, it can be beneficial to try mantras that don’t immediately fit, that you wish were true.

Take the line, “My experience is needed.” If you read that and immediately discounted the idea, then I encourage you to try it out for one week. Post it near your work space or say it to yourself after you finish breakfast or anytime you feel Self-Doubt drop in, as if it were an uninvited party guest.

You do have talents, skills and experience and they are needed. You just need to find your fit. And, you will! I believe in you.

May you – and everyone, everywhere – enjoy plentiful job openings with appreciation for your skills and energizing movement in your search.

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