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Job Search Event

Leverage your core values, originality, and uniqueness to find work that is meaningful to you

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Steph's Intuition-Led
Job Search Event

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You know best what you need. Join Steph for inspiration and preparation to plan a job search that will lead to fulfilling work reflecting your core values, originality, and uniqueness. This is the essential step and Secret Sauce before embarking on a job search - or reigniting or course-correcting a stalled search. As we begin a new year, it's the perfect time to connect with what you really want, redefine work goals, and create a life you love. In this interactive workshop, Steph will integrate self-reflection, visualization, mindfulness, and tangible action steps to begin to find work that fits YOU.

Presented by Steph, a senior leader at five global brands including Disney and Mattel.

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