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Mental Fitness +
Job Search Coaching

Learn how partnering with a job search coach can help your clients thrive in this exclusive workshop for well-being professionals

Chatting Over Coffee

Mental Fitness + Job Search Coaching Workshop

Saturday, March 12

2-2:50 PM PST (50 MINUTES)

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Gratifying work is critical to our mental health and well-being, and work can take many shapes and forms. More people than ever before are job searching, considering new career directions, and redefining what work means to them. There are key parts of this discovery process that benefit from collaborating with a well-being professional like a licensed therapist, social worker, or counselor. Equally, a job search coach can provide crucial tools, valuable strategies, and new skills to set a client up for success to find meaningful work and financial stability.


When partnering with both a mental health provider and job search coach, many job seekers have an easier time, build confidence, self-esteem, and often see results faster.


This insightful, dynamic workshop is geared specifically for mental health professionals. Expand your knowledge in the following ways:

  • What to say/not say when talking about job searching

  • Unconscious bias in client communication when it comes to job searching 

  • Job search aspects (hugely!) supported by therapy

  • Benefits of a Team Approach with a licensed counselor and a job search coach

This is a virtual workshop. A Zoom link will be shared two days before the event.


Who's presenting?

It's me, Steph! I'm the Founder of WORK DOT DOT, a job search coaching venture. I've worked at multiple global brands in the private and public sectors on the hiring side and as a candidate. My job search strategies build confidence and play an active role in getting people hired. I'm also a mental health advocate and 3-sport athlete who integrates self-care and Championship Mindset to make job searching easier and more effective

Is there a cost?

This is a free event. Donations are optional and appreciated.

Are CE credits offered?

This is an enrichment opportunity. I hope to offer this workshop for CE credits in the future, and I am open to partnership inquiries and sponsorships.

Can I attend if I am a grad student, intern, AMFT, etc.?

Yes! Everyone is welcome.


We're so happy to have you!

This is a free event.

If you'd like to make an optional donation, you'll have a chance after clicking Register Now.

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