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Today's unprecedented job market requires new strategies, resilience, and innovation. Wherever you are in your career, it is possible to redefine work and create a life you love.

Enjoy exploring the site and getting to know Stephanie's inspirational style. Check out testimonials from motivated individuals who have worked with Stephanie. Then, use the contact form to reach out to Stephanie to find out how to get started.

Your best life starts now. 


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Hiring expert, stylist, and consultant

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Stephanie Paislee is a hiring expert, career coach, personal stylist, and consultant to organizations & startups based in Los Angeles with clients across the U.S. 

Having been on both sides of the interview table, she brings over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors, empathy, and unparalleled insight to help you redefine work and create a life you love - and hire & retain the right teams. In addition to career coaching and organizational consulting, Stephanie offers personal styling for interviews, new jobs, career advancement, photoshoots, media appearances, board/investor meetings, and more.

Stephanie has held executive roles at five global brands, including Disney and Mattel, and has a Master's Degree from Stanford University. As an athlete, she infuses Championship Mindset, resilience, and mindfulness when working with individuals and organizations. Known for her innovative strategy, customized approach, and focus on strength & empowerment, Stephanie's clients experience success, results, and increased confidence.


See what it's like to work with Stephanie

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“Stephanie empathizes with today’s job seekers in a meaningful way and offers guidance that most career coaches (who haven’t gone through a modern job search) can’t begin to understand. I jump-started my career in ways that might have taken years to figure out on my own. 


Choosing to work with Stephanie is choosing to reward yourself with the career search you deserve and invest in yourself with the career guidance you need."

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"Stephanie's experience as a hiring manager gives her a unique perspective that few job seekers or career coaches have.


Furthermore, Stephanie uniquely shaped the approach to address my specific needs and professional desires. She took the time to empathize and understand my professional struggles, helping me create a job search plan that boosted my confidence, communicated my value, and supported my work goals."

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"Her highly personalized approach made for very thought-provoking, introspective conversations that helped crystallize what I really wanted out of my next position, and identified the steps it would take to find that opportunity.

Sure enough, soon after incorporating Stephanie’s recommended changes, I started seeing more opportunities come my way. Within three months after my first session with Stephanie, I landed an executive role!" 

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"My success and career choices are completely attributed to the relationship I have built with Stephanie. I am beyond grateful for the dedication, support and encouragement Stephanie continues to render. She provides exceptional value in her ability to offer concrete tools, build business relationships, and establish personal and professional growth. 


Without a doubt, Stephanie’s coaching has allowed me to be a more confident and fulfilled individual."

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"To be honest, I start to tear up a little bit when I think about it. Stephanie truly changed my life for the better. By helping me rewire my brain to think more kindly, positively and progressively about myself, Stephanie was able to help me move mountains.


Stephanie’s holistic approach to success will help you become a more positive, confident and self-assured person unafraid of a challenge." 

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“I have turned to Stephanie, repeatedly, throughout my career for guidance and inspiration. There is no one who believes more sincerely in the importance of asking for what will truly make you feel valued in the workplace, and she can offer concrete advice on how to get it.

Since I have known Stephanie, I will not make a career move without asking her for help. I can safely say I would not be in my dream job today without Stephanie's support.”



Stephanie and Joseph, Business Owners

“Let’s be honest; if you do the hiring part right, the management part becomes a whole lot easier. The main problem with our staffing issues was caused by our previous hiring mistakes. I really wish it hadn’t taken us nine years to discover Stephanie’s services.


Ultimately, making the right hiring decisions simplifies almost everything else about running a business.  The consulting that Stephanie provides is truly priceless.”

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