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Thank you

Thank you for supporting my work so I can help more people build meaningful careers and create a life they love. It is equally a joy to collaborate with you on your personal work vision.

People sometimes ask, "How much should I give?" Feel free to contribute the most of what you can to help others in our professional community. If it helps, contributions typically range from $25-$300 with most people giving $100-$250. Your support is deeply appreciated. Payment is non-refundable.

Honoring your many talents, perseverance, and kindness.

With gratitude,


Professional Woman

"I jump-started my career in ways that might have taken years to figure out on my own. ...Choosing to work with Steph is choosing to reward yourself with the career search you deserve..."


“I have turned to Steph, repeatedly, throughout my career for guidance and inspiration...and I can safely say I would not be in my dream job today without Steph's support.”


"Steph’s holistic approach to success will help you become a more positive, confident, and self-assured person unafraid of a challenge. Whether you need to improve your resume, mental outlook, or ability to accomplish your career goals, Steph has your back." 



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Thank you

I appreciate your support!


Payment contributions are non-refundable.

Thank you for your support!

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